Hi I'm Adam Clarkson - a Product and UX guy. Very Canadian but NYC-based since 2009.

For more than 15 years my career in SaaS, startups and digital media has granted me some incredible work experiences: evolving the future of digital advertising at Yieldmo, reshaping newsrooms everywhere at Chartbeat, directing UX at CBC.ca and Newsweek.com and if you go back far enough cub reporting in Thailand.

I practice Knowledge Design: transforming data into experiences and experiences into insights and understanding. In recent years I've had the chance to do that in several capacities:

As a strategic leader I'm building a team to redesign the mobile marketplace at Yieldmo, using neglected data to bring new insights to mobile advertising.

As a product owner I've lead process and brought products to market, touted the Chartbeat mission in academic circles and our difference in various media.

As a researcher I’ve immersed myself in the business and ethnography of the online publishing industry, shaping product strategy and helping to build customer empathy.

As a product designer and architect I’ve evolved the Chartbeat design philosophy, and delivered a slew of sketches, prototypes and UIs that evolved into what the product has become today.

And even though I wrote all my best javascript in the mid-aughts I still occasionally find the time to code something cool.

You can find me on Instagram, AngelList, LinkedIn, Twitter or by email